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"Rolf van Rooij (b. 2003) started his photographic practice creating photographs while exploring urban environments. In these photographs, he often includes people in a rather abstract form. This gives the otherwise graphic representation of e.g. architecture something humane and gracious. This can sometimes result in a detached feeling for the viewer. Every work consists of elements that can be looked at separately but always work together.
Recently he started making abstract impressions. The creative process behind these works is both a critical examination of photography as a medium and a search for what he calls an honest artwork.
Photography is most often seen as a figurative medium. But, what happens when you take away all these figurative elements of a photograph? What happens when a photograph becomes abstract? His Photographic Abstraction relies on its own internal logic that consists of a dynamic between black and white, structure, flow, form and texture.
Instead of representing visual aspects of our reality, he aims to convey his own interpretation of reality through abstraction; therewith representing something beyond the physical."
Group Exhibitions
Haute Photographie, Kahmann Gallery, Amsterdam
Photo Basel, Kahmann Gallery
Collectibles II, Krollmann Collection, Berlin
KunstRai, Kahmann Gallery
Collectibles, Krollmann Collection, Berlin
Haute Photographie, Kahmann Gallery, Rotterdam

The Future is Here, Kahmann Gallery, Amsterdam
Haute Photographie, Kahmann Gallery, Amsterdam
Haute Photographie, Kahmann Gallery, Rotterdam
The Body, Kahmann Gallery, Amsterdam

2023 :
- Collectibles Magazine, Issue #4
- Grote Nederlandse Kunstkalender  
2022 :
De Kunstbode , Published in: 
  De Volkskrant, NRC, Trouw and Parool
- GupNew (Guide to Unique Photography)
2021 :
- Unreal, the Real Photo Book Series, 2021

Gallery Representation
Kahmann Gallery

Rolf van Rooij
B. 2003, The Netherlands
(+31)6 20625110
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